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Youth Personal Training

Whether your child is looking to prepare for an upcoming sports season, get bigger and stronger, or just get healthy and learn life-long fitness skills: they will be comfortable training at Wellfound. 


We offer 30 or 60 minute sessions designed to give youth and adolescents ages 6+ a positive experience with fitness. 


There is no drill-sergeant style coaching here: we will listen to your son or daughter and meet them where they are at.  Your child having an amazing experience in the gym is priority number one for us.    


Youth & Adolescent 

Coaching Philosophy

We focus on moving properly first, and use the natural curiosity and excitement surrounding getting stronger and faster to guide what we teach young athletes. 

Kids of any age are able to start learning life-long skills like how to stretch and foam roll, what muscle is working during a given exercise, and what movements are safe and effective - and what ones are not.

We often allow kids to adapt their workouts and choose from a menu of good training options in each session: so your son or daughter will build autonomy and confidence in their fitness pursuits for life - and they will never feel bored during their workouts.

Why 1-on-1 training?

Youth athletes are almost always coached in group settings that do NOT allow for adequate form correction or guaranteed engagement. 


The result? Hundreds of preventable sports-related injuries in athletic kids each year - and a growing number of kids on the other side of the spectrum who chose not to exercises at all because it is not fun or rewarding for them.

Sounds like a good fit for your son or daughter?

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