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The lead therapist and owner of Wellfound, Jenn holds a doctorate degree in physical therapy from the University of Vermont. Jenn is a manual therapist, so all of her treatments are hour-long, private sessions that involve a lot of advanced massage and deep tissue work. She finds that focusing on manual therapy leads to faster rehab outcomes, and gives her more one-on-one time to connect with people during their course of care. Jenn is certified in the Graston Technique, dry needling, as well as spinal and extremity manipulations. Jenn is also a certified Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist through the American Musculoskeletal Institute.

Jenn Cadorette DPT

Manual Therapy

At Wellfound, our therapists specialize in several manual therapy techniques because the ability to manipulate the musculoskeletal system is crucial to rapid rehabilitation outcomes.  Along with massage and other manual therapy, our therapists are Graston Technique certified, which qualifies them to use uniquely-designed metal instruments to perform deeper tissue work than is possible using hands-on techniques alone.  This means accelerated rehabilitation of connective tissue alignment, decreased muscular tightness, and a faster return to normal function.  Our therapists also perform spinal and extremity manipulations of bones, otherwise known as adjustments, which increase range of motion, restore function, and decrease pain levels.


Therapeutic exercise

After identifying weakened or overused muscles during your initial evaluation, our therapists will walk you through exercises targeted to help you reach your goals. Whether your goal is to walk up a flight of stairs or run in the Burlington City Marathon, targeted exercises are crucial for achieving adequate strength and mobility. We utilize a wide variety of modern fitness equipment to isolate and integrate targeted areas, and our therapeutic exercises are always designed to be fun and patient-centered!


Dry Needling

In a dry needling treatment, our physical therapists use thin myofilament needles to targets tissues and bones that are not accessible through other manual therapy techniques. The results is deep muscle release, decreased pain, and release of the body’s natural pain relieving properties. Dry needling is typically used as a part of a larger treatment plan that includes other forms of manual therapy and therapeutic exercises, but we have found that it can make a big difference in therapy outcomes.


Vestibular Rehabilitation (Vertigo)

The vestibular system refers to the relationship between the brain, eyes, and inner ears relative to where the body is in space. Some symptoms that may occur if your vestibular system is off include dizziness or vertigo, feeling unbalanced, nausea, or ringing in the ears. Often times crystals will become stuck or dislodged within the canals of the inner ear and will be the sole cause of your symptoms. This condition is called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).  Jenn is specialty trained in the Canlith Repositioning Manuever (which includes the Eply Manuever) to help treat BPPV within 1-2 visits. Sometimes a hypo-function, or decreased function, of the vestibular system can occur. Jenn has extensive training to help strengthen the vestibular system through eye exercises, balance exercises, and coordination exercises.

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