Injury Prevention

Musculoskeletal pain is becoming increasingly common in a world of cell phones, laptops, and desk-work.  Generally speaking, people are less active and spend more time sitting than any other time in history. 

The strength and conditioning formats of the past don't account for or recognize the global decrease in physical function that is present in our population today.


We want to raise the bar for personal trainers in the fitness industry by making corrective exercise and injury prevention customary.

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See For Yourself


There is an average estimate of 8.6 million sports and recreation related injury episodes reported each year, with an age-adjusted rate of 34.1 per 1,000 population.


Overall, general exercise was the most frequently mentioned activity associated with sports and recreation related injuries


Body regions injured while engaging in sports and recreation activities included the lower extremity (42.0%), upper extremity (30.3%), and head and neck (16.4%).

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Source: Center for Disease Control

Corrective Exercise:

Corrective exercise is the systematic process of identifying impairments in posture and movement patterning and then implementing strategies to correct any musculoskeletal dysfunction. 


All of our fitness assessments include a postural screen and several movement screens of the upper and lower body. 


Our preliminary findings, along with confirmation from you regarding what muscles feel tight or weak during your following workouts, allows us to design programming that to correct any risky movement patterns or severe muscular imbalances that may increase your risk for injury.  

We specialize in 1-on-1 coaching so that we can observe every rep you perform, coach you into the right position for every exercise, and quickly identify and address the points of tensions or weak links in your physiology that may be cause for concern.

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