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The repetitive positions that we hold our bodies in all day are unnatural to our physiology and eventually cause predicable cycles of  tension and weakness.


To avoid the discomfort that is cause by tension and weakness people tend to compromise their form and move in unsafe ways that feel easier in the moment but actually lead to injury.


Without intervention: injuries cause more tension, and tension causes injury, again and again. We call this cycle of bodily decline and re-injury the 'cumulative injury cycle' and if left unaddressed the problems compounds whenever activity levels increase.

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Posture and Corrective Exercise

Our Training Sessions address posture and prevent injury. You will learn how to:

Identify and feel the points of tension and weakness that need to be addressed in your body.

Learn strategies to address your problem areas both in session and on your own at home.

Feel better during exercise and gain the tools you need to accomplish your goals and live a healthy and active lifestyle. Ultimately, you will learn how to take care of your own body!

Common Visible Patterns Of Posture/Movement: 

  • Forward Head/Neck

  • Rounded/Forward/ and internally-rotated Shoulder

  • Low Back arching or rounding

  • Collapsed-In Knee Position, Externally Rotated Hip and/or Collapsed-in Foot and Ankle Positions.

These issues get worse over time and cause injury:

Groups of tight muscles move through the body like a chain reaction. The resulting discomfort, and general feelings of stress creates more tension physically and mentally.

Without intervention - many useful functional patterns like twisting, lifting, reaching, and bending over can become potentially dangerous. The result is physical limitation - which causes stress, tension, and a therefore continues the cycle of injury and re-injury.

Common physical patterns of muscular tension and weakness:

  • Tight Pecs, Necks, and Shoulders  with weak middle backs.

  • Tight Hip Flexors and Low Backs

with weak Glutes and Abs.

  • Tight Calves and tension in the fascia of the bottom of the foot with weak foot and ankle stabilizers.

  • Tight Groin, IT Band, and Quads with weak, tight Hamstrings, and weak outer hip (and therefore knee position) stabilizers.

We specialize in 1-on-1 coaching so that we can observe every exercise you perform, coach you into the right position, and quickly identify and address the points of tensions or weak links in each movement pattern even as they change.

Life is not lived with intentions, but actions.

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