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Health & Weight Loss

Weight loss is not just a numbers game: our eating, drinking, and activity habits are ingrained into our culture and can make up a large part of our sense of self.  

At Wellfound, we offer personal training and nutrition coaching because we understand the intimate relationship between food and activity - and when it comes to weight loss one is seldom successful without the other.


The Experience:

All of our clients go through an in-depth assessment that includes fitness and body composition metrics along with a less-regimented discussion about your life, your preferences, and what you hope to achieve long-term.  We believe that we can only help you effect a change in your lifestyle once we've gotten to know who you are, what role food and fitness play in your life, and how we can address your unique situation as a whole.  


Our weight loss clients average 30-50lb of weight in the first year, and tend to actually keep that weight off!  We focus on habit-based nutrition coaching, working our clients up to higher intensity training sessions, and providing the education and support needed for continued success inside and outside of the gym.

See For Yourself

Meet Michelle : Wellfound Hybrid Nutrition + Personal Training Client 

Michelle After IMG.PNG
Michelle Before IMG.PNG
Michelle After After.jpeg

Life is not lived with intentions, but actions.

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