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Total Joint Replacement

When arthritic changes progress, a total joint replacement may be indicated. The most common total joint replacements are hip replacements, knee replacements, and shoulder replacements.


Research has shown that “prehab” (PT prior to a total joint replacement) is important going into surgery to be as strong as possible for faster outcomes post surgical.


If you have had a joint replacement, it is important to receive physical therapy to regain normal range of motion and strength within your surgical guidelines.


Treatment begins with an in depth assessment of your range of motion, strength, edema measurement, incision inspection, and reviewing any precautions.


Manual therapy techniques are used to help with edema control, incision mobilization, and massage for increased muscle length and pain control.


Regaining range of motion and strength is the main focus of exercise and a home exercise routine will be implemented to continue gaining functional mobilisation. 

Common joints replaced:

-Knee replacement

-Hip replacement

-Shoulder replacement

-Ankle replacement

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