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Neck Pain & Headaches

You may feel neck pain while turning your head driving, looking down at your phone or a book, after long hours at a desk, or when you’re trying to sleep.


Neck pain can be from an injury, arthritic changes, or even just from poor posture.

Sometimes neck pain can cause numbness and tingling into your upper back or down your arm. 


Headaches can occur due to nerve irritation from the spine, which can be caused from tightness in the high neck muscles. This creates headache symptoms that feel like pressure and pain in the back of the head, on the sides of the head, behind the eyes, or across the forehead. 


Treatment starts with an in depth assessment of the vertebrae, ligaments, nerves, and surrounding muscles to identify impairments.


Neck pain and headaches often respond well to upper back strength training to fix poor posture. We also use manual (hands-on) treatments such as massage, Graston, traction, and joint mobilizations to accelerate results.

Common conditions we see:


Joint degeneration

Facet dysfunction

Pinched nerve

Nerve root irritation

Degenerative discs

Muscle spasm

TMJ (tempomandibular) pain

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