Hopefully this page will answer any questions you have about personal training with us - if you have any questions please email them to Brandon@WellfoundVT.com

Is Nutrition Coaching Included in your rates?

I do a fair bit of nutrition coaching in-session for free. I typically provide all clients with a personalized nutrition guide based on their goals and we will often discuss your nutrition and lifestyle habits that support your progress during the slower portions of your workout. (While you are warming up, stretching, foam rolling, or resting.)

I  also offer nutrition-only appointments via phone or video call.  This add-on is only available to active training clients, but is not included in the training rates.  These are 30 minutes appointments billed as a full hours to accommodate the extra time I will spend viewing your food logs and making a detailed assessment prior to each appointment.

Do you provide me with extra workouts to do on my own?

Depending on what I feel is appropriate for you, I may:

  • Give you previous workout we have done together, but modify them for you to do by yourself using the equipment you have at home.

  • Forward you free content created by other coaches that I respect such as yoga videos, mobility videos, or cardio-circuits on YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Encourage you to commit to and track your cardiovascular activities in a way that works for you. We love free apps like Strava, but some clients use google spreadsheets, shared notes, or a simple paper notebook and verbal check-in to communicate this with me.

What are your credentials?

  1. Bachelors Degree in Exercise & Movement Science from the University of Vermont.

  2. Certified Health Coach - American Counsel on Exercise.

  3. Certified Nutrition Coach - Precision Nutrition.

  4. Numerous Advanced Fitness Specializations - National Academy of Sports Medicine.

    1. ​Performance Enhancement Specialization.

    2. Corrective Exercise Specialization.

    3. Youth Fitness Specialization.

What are your rates?

Our personal training rates are $55 per session, month-to-month with a 30-day commitment.​

One Session Per Week for $220/Month

Two Sessions Per Week for $440/Month

Three Sessions Per Week for $660/ Month

Ready to start?

Everybody I work with starts with a free 60-minute intake assessment.  

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