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Hip and Knee Pain

The knee and hip joints consist of some of the biggest and strongest muscles and bones in the body, and it is important that they are working properly for weight bearing.

Hip and knee pain are closely related by the muscle connections between both regions.



If you have pain in either of these joints, you may have difficulty getting up out of the chain, in and out of the car, squatting, bending, and kneeling. You may ever experience a clicking in either your hips or knees from improper tracking


Hip and knee treatment begins with an in depth assessment of both hip and knees to identify the cause of injury/pain.

Many times a pain at your knee may be caused from deficits in your hip due to shared bones and muscle insertions.


Manual therapy technqiues such as Graston, dry needling, traction, and massage along with targeted hip and knee exercises will help you recover from any hip or knee pains.

Common hip conditions:

-Labral tears


-bone spurs/arthritic changes

-trochanteric bursitis

-Gluteal tendinopathy

-Post hip replacement surgery

Common knee conditions:

-Patellar femoral pain syndrome (PFPS)

-bone spurs/arthritic changes

-Meniscal injury

-Ligamentous injury (ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL tear/surgery)

-Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITB)


-Post knee replacement/partial replacement surgery

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