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Coach Brandon Cadorette

Brandon holds a bachelors degree in Exercise Science from the University of Vermont as well as numerous advanced certifications.


Technically speaking, he is a certified health coach, nutrition coach, sports performance specialist, corrective exercise specialist and youth fitness specialist - but we just keep it simple and call it all personal training. He doesn't use a cookie-cutter approach: he will coach you using the combination of his expertise that is the most useful and relevant to you getting the results you want.


Brandon has over 8 years of experience as a full time personal trainer. He is the only trainer on staff and the co-owner of Wellfound.


Personal Training Williston Vermont

Personal Training

We specialize in one-on-one coaching because it is the best way to train.  People get better results, and love the experience. With private training at Wellfound, you receive:

  • Individualized exercise, mobility, and conditioning programming with brand new workouts every 3 weeks. You get constant variety, with a thoughtful progression of exercises that strategically builds upon what you've done.

  • Literally an entire gym to yourself. We only schedule one personal training session at a time with no overlap, so you have complete and uninterrupted access to every piece of equipment in our gym. 

  • Feedback, attention, and immediate modifications on the spot: you will understand how to do each exercise safely and properly and the intensity of the workout will be adjusted on the fly to match how you are feeling and performing.

  • Direct access to a health, fitness, and nutrition expert that holds your best interest at heart. You will have ample time to discuss the lifestyle modifications and habit changes that are the best fit for you. 


Virtual Coaching

We provide video personal training session too! The cost is no different and the results are the same - but the added schedule and lifestyle flexibility can be incredibly valuable. 

We do video personal training sessions live over Facetime. As always at Wellfound, you have your coaches complete attention for the entirety of every hour-long session.


The minimum requirement is an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook and some space to move, but we can also help you find a great deal on other conveniences like headphones, tripods, and additional equipment when you are ready to take that step. 



Partner Training

To allow flexibility in our schedule and give our clients options, we also offer partner training training sessions.

We find that this option works great for:

  • Couples looking to get fit together.

  • Friends at a similar fitness level that want that battle-buddy type of motivation to take things up a notch.


(Each person receives 20% off for partner sessions)


Life is not lived with intentions, but actions.

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