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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can occur from an injury or you can develop restrictions in motion and pain over time.


Shoulder pain is often felt when reaching above head, during dressing (putting on a shirt), reaching into your back pocket.


You may be unable to sleep comfortably or feel a catching/clicking during motions.


Shoulders are one of the most mobile joints in our body and many small impairments can develop causing injuries. 

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Treatments start with an in-depth assessment of the shoulder motions, strength, special testing and a clinical diagnosis of your shoulder pain.


Manual therapy techniques like massage, Graston, and mobilizations are important for pain control and regaining range of motion.


Strengthening in the entire shoulder and shoulder complex through targeted exercises are important to increase functional mobility in the shoulder in order to get you back to your usual activities and sports! 

Common conditions we treat:

-Rotator cuff sprains/tears

-Rotator cuff impingement 

-Labral tears/post surgical repairs

-Instability and dislocations

-Total/partial shoulder replacement

-Bicipital tendinopathy


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