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Tele-health Physical Therapy

Don't sit around injured!  


If you have pain, you still have options.

Receive the expertise and guidance of a Physical Therapist in the comfort of your own home. 

Jenn Cadorette DPT

The lead therapist and owner of Wellfound, Jenn holds a Doctorate Degree in physical therapy from the University of Vermont.


Jenn is a manual therapist certified in the Graston Technique and Dry Needling, as well as spinal and extremity manipulations. Additionally, Jenn is a certified Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist through the American Musculoskeletal Institute.



Call: 497-1394


Get the care you need from the safety of your own home.

Tele-health is:

Covered by most insurances.

As easy as sending an email.

Safe, secure, and effective.

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