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About our head trainer:

Brandon Cadorette

The lead trainer and owner of Wellfound, Brandon holds a bachelors degree in exercise science from the University of Vermont.  He is an ACE-Certified Health Coach, NASM Performance and Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach.  Brandon is also a Certified youth exercise specialist and trains with children as young as 6 years old.

Health & Weight Loss

Weight loss is not just a numbers game: our eating and drinking habits are engrained into our culture and can make up a large part of our sense of self.  All of our clients go through an in-depth assessment that includes fitness and body composition metrics along with a less-regimented discussion about your life, your preferences, and what you hope to achieve long-term.  We believe that we can only help you effect a change in your lifestyle once we've gotten to know who you are, what role food and fitness play in your life, and how we can address your unique situation as a whole.  Our weight loss clients average 30-50lb of weight loss per year, and tend to actually keep that weight off!  We focus on habit-based nutrition coaching, working our clients up to higher intensity training sessions, and providing the education and support needed to continue succeeding in your goals outside of the gym too.

Performance Enhancement

We use a combination of methodologies for strength and conditioning depending on your goals and what you hope to achieve long-term.  Take the guess-work out of your off-season or in-season programming and let us provide you with the most effective tactics available for developing the peak strength, speed, agility, and power required for your sport and specific position.  Our sports programming is tailored towards your strengths and playing style, while addressing your weaknesses and where you fit within your team. We have experience with youth athletes, high-school standouts, and collegiate athletes from a wide variety of sports.  We design periodized programing that builds up athletes in the off season and keeps them performing optimally while mitigating injury-risk during the competition season.

Corrective Exercise

All of our fitness assessments include a postural screen and several movement screens of the upper and lower body in motion.  These preliminary findings, along with confirmation from our physical therapy team, help us to design programming that corrects any movements impairment that might be increasing your risk for injury.  Our goal is to improve strength and stability in weak or under active muscle groups and improving mobility where it is lacking.  These small additions to your fitness programming will not only decrease your risk for injury or re-injury, but they will vastly improve functional strength, stability, coordination, and your overall athletic performance.  

Youth Fitness

Whether your child is looking to lose a few pounds, prepare for a new sport, or just get fit and learn life-long healthy habits: they will be comfortable training at Wellfound.  We offer 30 minute sessions designed to give children a fun and positive experience with fitness.  There is no drill-sergeantry, and we will meet your child where they are at physiologically as well as mentally and emotionally.  We also provide nutrition, lifestyle, and behavioral intervention coaching sessions directly to the parents and guardians of our youth athletes and fit kids, they they can be supported and assisted in meeting their goals at home and everywhere else that life takes them.  

In Person Assessment

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