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Fitness and Performance

The planning and proper execution of a training programs determines not only the success of an athelet, but also their long-term health and function. 


Peak performance and health requires training that is efficiently coached and intelligently organized.


We take the guess-work out of your decisions in the gym, and we also strive to educate and empower clients by arming them with the facts along the way.



Things we consider when planning a program:

Because we specialize in one on one coaching we can:

Adapt a program immediately as needed.


Slept on your shoulder wrong? Let's swap a few exercises out and add some mobility right then and there so you leave feeling better than when you came in.

Change your workouts often.

We progress your program in a  big way every 3 weeks - the variety makes working out more fun and having a trainer there to make an educated choice on what to do next makes the workouts more effective too.

Life is not lived with intentions, but actions.

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