Muscle Mass and Performance

The more experienced an athlete is in the gym, the more knowledge they will require to advance past plateaus in strength, definition, and performance.

The order and proper execution of a training programs determines the long-term success of an athlete. 


Peak performance requires not only training efficiently, but mastering strategies for recovery, injury mitigation, and preparedness.


Things to consider:




There are personal trade-offs and a 'cost for gold.' Going all-in on any one facet of fitness or performance often mean sacrificing in other areas - ultimately these trade-offs are up to you.

You will not be an overnight success.  You will be asked to build a wide base to your physical foundation, and that foundation is typically measured in effort over time.

You will be pushed out of your comfort zone if you want to improve in physical performance - but if you are honest and open with your coach we can always pivot and adapt if you hit a physical, mental, or emotional wall. 


aRE YOU  ready?

We organized a combination of:

We specialize in 1-on-1 coaching so that we can increase exercise variety and coach you into the right position on more difficult exercise without any added risk.   


This also gives us the flexiblity to adapt your programming immediately, even adding or subtracting exercises or mobility drills mid-sessions if warranted. 

  1. Building stability and mobility.

  2. Mastering form and developing neuromuscular efficiency.

  3. Developing muscle mass and strength

  4.  Improving speed and power.

  5. Isolating weak links in and individuals physiology that limit  performance.

  6. Reflecting, reassessing, and re-adapting programming constantly.

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There are many paths to athletic success, but we help people find what works for them.  

Life is not lived with intentions, but actions.