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Thank you for attending our seminar! 

Get an extra 30 minutes with Jenn where she can answer all your questions.   


This expert attention and advice is provided at no charge to all attendees.

Services provided at our private clinic: 

1193 South Brownell Rd

Suite 20

Williston, VT

Jenn Cadorette DPT

The lead therapist and owner of Wellfound, Jenn holds a Doctorate Degree in physical therapy from the University of Vermont.


Jenn is a manual therapist certified in the Graston Technique and Dry Needling, as well as spinal and extremity manipulations. Additionally, Jenn is a certified Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist through the American Musculoskeletal Institute.



Call: 497-1394


Book 30 minutes with Jenn and get:

A comprehensive injury assessment.

A demo of our advanced treatments


and advice.

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