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Recommended Products

Welcome to our recommended products page!  Here you can find descriptions of equipment that we personally recommend to our clients and patients.


We don't supply links to any particular seller or have any affiliations - these is just a free helpful that we hope people find useful on their health and fitness journey.    




Foam Roller.jpg

High Density Foam Roller

High density rollers are versatile, apply appropriate pressure, and last a long time.

We suggest you purchase a longer 36" roller first so you have sometime capable of hitting small muscle groups as well as larger body parts like the legs and back.


If you have space or financial limitations, grab an 18" roller  - you may just have to do one side at a time for large muscle groups like the quads or back, but it will work perfectly for smaller muscle groups like the pecs or calves.

Exercise Mat.jpg

Padded Fitness Mat


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